Administrator Post, Cameroon

Title/Position: Administrator

Supervisor: Project Director in Cameroon

The Administrator will provide general finance and administrative support to the Project Director in Cameroon within the Project, and the co-director in his absence.

Duties: Administration and Office Management

Office Management
• Development and implementation of office, filing systems, procedures etc
• Initiation and follow-up of administrative statutory documents
• Follow-up and management of personnel matters
• Make photocopies, bind reports
• Undertake secretarial duties in the absence of the Secretary


• Bookkeeping, management of receipts in accordance with contractual requirements by donors of the Project and in a manner that will facilitate the preparation of financial reports.
• Preparation of financial reports on a monthly basis in the format required by the EU contract and REM's office procedures (suivi du contrat).
• Supervision of cashbook and Pettycash book (CCOC). Verification of Pettycash.
• Management of the bank account.
• Budget management, ensure correspondence between actual expenditure and budgeted expenditure. Liaison with the Project Director in Cameroon and Project Manager in the UK to highlight discrepancies. Ensure there is no overspend.
• Management of cash flow, preparation of request for transfers of funds accompanied by financial report and bank reconciliation.
• Liaison with Project Manager in the UK to highlight overspend and underspend on budget lines.
• Management and reconciliation of accounts.


• Regular liaison with REM head office London to comply with its office procedures
• Ensure contractual arrangements are appropriate by the standards of Cameroonian Law and REM’s regulations. Ensure these arrangements are respected by all parties
• Keep insurances for the office and staff up to date. Ensure insurances are appropriate and comply with the Law.
• Development of internal controls according to accounting regulations drafted by REM
• Management of equipment, regular inventories, vehicle records management
• Ensure compliance of all the Project’s administration and finances with project funder and REM regulations.
• Monitor office, vehicle, motorcycle, local staff insurances to ensure they are up to date, and warn HQ 1 month prior to their expiration to ensure their timely renewal

From time to time the employee will be required to undertake such other duties as the employer may reasonably require.


• The Administrator shall report to the Project Director in Cameroon. The Administrator shall provide administrative support to the technical officer whenever necessary, with prior approval from the Project Director if available. In the absence of the Project Director in Cameroon, the Administrator shall refer to the in-country project co-director and where not available be responsible for assessing in a reasonable manner priorities in his/her duties in relation to the degree of importance of the request made by the technical officer, which should be given due consideration.
• Tasks include meeting arrangements, drafts of administrative letters, purchase of material, etc.
• The Administrator shall be responsible for obtaining all necessary legal documentation from staff of the Project.
• The Administrator shall be responsible for reminding staff of administrative and financial deadline in advance.
• The Administrator may, under exceptional circumstances and in all cases with approval of the Project Director or Co-director in Cameroon, ask the Driver to help him/her run an errand.
• The Administrator shall liase with the Project Manager in the UK on a regular basis for updates on financial and administrative matters.
• In cases of emergencies or any serious circumstances, the Administrator shall advise the Project Manager in the UK or a member of the board of Directors of REM UK immediately.

Expertise and qualifications required:

• Diploma: Bac+2
• Understanding of English and fluent in French
• Experience in administration, preferably of EU procedures