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Field Legality Advisory Group (FLAG)

Field Legality Advisory Group (FLAG) is a non-governmental organisation based in Cameroon. The founders all formerly worked with REM. FLAG was established in 2012 as a result of a long term strategy implemented by REM to handover Independent Monitoring projects to civil society organisations in the region.

FLAG experts (lawyers and forestry) have worked on behalf of several international NGOs and particularly Resource Extraction Monitoring (REM).


FLAG wants to see in the next decade an African society in which principles of good governance are applied in the promotion and exploitation of forest resources so that countries have the means to ensure the sustainability of their social, economic and ecological development.


FLAG promotes the principles of good governance in the forestry sector, in particular respect for the law (legality) and transparency. Therefore, in tropical Africa, moist and dense, FLAG

  • assists organisations and national civil society organisations (CSOs) in the monitoring of forest law enforcement;
  • is directly involved in the analysis and dissemination of information related to forest management.


The work of FLAG is facing two main areas: egality and transparency. Thereby FLAG has two objectives:

Objective 1- The laws that govern the activities of the forestry sector are questioned and their implementation by all stakeholders in the forest sector is observed.

Objective 2- Information on forest management in the humid and dense tropical Africa is centralised, analysed and available to all those involved in the forestry sector.


• National CSOs involved in the forest sector and forest governance:
• The government (finance, forest, justice)
• MPs
• Unions (private sector):
• sub-regional institutions (eg COMIFAC etc.):
• Donors

Areas of intervention

In the short term:

• Cameroon
• Republic of Congo
• Democratic Republic of Congo

In the long-term (non-exhaustive)

• Ivory Coast
• Gabon
• Liberia

Approach to work

• FLAG establishes free and fair relationships with its partners;
• FLAG works with CSOs that share its values;
• FLAG does not interfere in the inner workings of its partners;
• Its operations are limited to its areas of expertise (eg technical support in monitoring and analysis of the laws.)
• Collaboration with partners is based on the fulfillment of mutual obligations;
• Work programs are defined by mutual agreement with the partners (eg national CSOs.)
• FLAG does not replace national CSOs but acts as a complement to their actions;
• FLAG provides information about the logging available to the public through innovative methods and tools integrating information technology and communication;
• FLAG remains impartial and objective in facilitating access to reliable information on illegal for all stakeholders in the forest sector.


• Observation of forest governance (OGF) in DRC
• Circle of support for sustainable forest management (CAGDF) in the Republic of Congo
• World chimpanzee Fund (WCF) in Ivory Coast

Reports on forest infractions

Reports on forest illegalities produced by FLAG's partner CAGDF (Republic of Congo) and OGF (Democratic Republic of Congo)

Field mission report 6-23 April 2014, Sangha

Reports on forest illegalities produced by FLAG's partner OGF (Democratic Republic of Congo)

Field mission report 9-30 April 2014, Mongala district, DRC


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Contact FLAG:
Yaoundé, sis au quartier Mfandena (lieu - dit titi garage) ; immeuble la grâce divine, 2ème étage, porte 11.
Email : flagorganisation@gmail.com
Phone : (237)22 21 88 46
PoBox : S/C 2833 Yaoundé

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