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System consolidating forest infractions collected by Independent Monitors
(Jan 2016 - now)

A database to consolidate IM data

Demand side measures to fight illegal logging, such as the European Union Timber Regulation (EUTR), require reliable, concise and clear information on illegal forest exploitation in order to be effective. Independent Monitors provide such information in their reports, however EUTR actors rarely use these reports to their full potential for several reasons, such as difficulty in: accessing information published in different formats on different websites; gathering information on a specific company; and, perhaps most important, interpreting the severity of observations. There are also issues concerning the quality of information provided by IMs, especially allegations of illegal activity.
To help ensure that monitors collect reliable information on illegal logging and that demand side actors use this information effectively, REM, World Resources Institute (WRI) are, with funding from UK-DfID (through WRI-Global Forest Watch), working closely with Civil Society IMs in the Congo Basin, Africa and EUTR actors to develop improved systems to collect, manage and apply information on illegal logging and governance problems to EUTR due diligence or FLEGT legality verification .

The final database will provide a single point of entry for any stakeholder wishing to obtain explicit information on a specific logging company or timber producing country (forest governance) that is presented in a demand side measure friendly format. Links to complete and detailed investigation reports will be accessible from this database to enable deeper investigations. National Independent Monitoring organisations, such as FODER in Cameroon, are working on quality control systems to ensure that information from field Independent Monitors with weaker capacity can be consolidated, verified and built into solid cases.

REM has populated a draft system of data management with real data from mandated IMs (Congo, Democratic Republic of Congo), and met with key IMs (mandated and external) in the Congo Basin to define thresholds of severity for all major forest infractions, as well as governance indicators. Once sufficient input is received, the draft system will be used to update WRI’s current Forest Transparency Initiative (FTI) .

Click here for more information on IM data management principles and this project's preliminary phase (2007-2011).




Earthsight Investigations

With support from the UK-DfID Forest Governance, Markets and Climate 2015 Grant

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