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Tools for Implementation of Forest Governance (TIFG)

Linking timber producing countries with European competent authorities to curb the import of illegal timber
(Feb 2014 - March 2015)

REM Objectives/Outcomes

REM will support more credible FLEGT working mechanisms in Africa and the development and improvement of EUTR implementation procedures.

a. The implementation of Independent Monitoring by national organisations is supported;
b. The credibility of EUTR Competent Authorities (CAs) is increased;
c. New law enforcement and monitoring tools using vehicle tracking technology proposed and field tested;

Project Background

In July 2013, REM completed a handover of all its field activities and offices to 3 African CSOs it helped create; FLAG in Cameroon, CAGDF in Republic of Congo and OGF in the Democratic Republic of Congo. These relatively new organisations are composed of staff and experts trained by REM over several years of operation. The current project proposes a continuation of this collaboration while enabling increased independence and consolidation of REM’s African partners.

The approach of Independent Monitoring of Forest Law Enforcement and Governance (IM-FLEG) has developed considerably in recent years and this is in part due to the training and practical tools provided by REM through past projects to Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) in Cameroon, the Republic of Congo and also in DRC, Gabon and CAR. Given this increase in capacity, REM proposes to remove itself as the lead organisation in the sector to allow this new capacity to continue to develop and take on more responsibility. REM’s role will become one of technical support and provision of strategic guidance in the development of new projects in the Congo Basin.

With the EU Timber Regulation (EUTR) now in effect and a number of Voluntary Partnership Agreements (VPAs) signed and progressing through negotiations, both producer countries and EU based enforcement agencies will have an increasing need for reliable and accurate information. This would not appear to be the time to decrease the tried and tested method of Independent Monitoring that has been developed by REM of the last 10 years. With this is mind and through this proposal, REM will continue to provide strategic guidance and technical support at a distance to the regional and their national partners which will be taking on the Independent Monitoring role in the near future. The objective of this activity is to ensure a smooth transition of responsibility to local organisations and to not diminish the flow of reliable information to the broad range of stakeholders that require it.

In recent case studies in Belgium and France, REM reports have been pivotal in leading to European based investigations into the legality of timber entering into the EU. In each case, despite the producer country ministries responsible agreeing that there was illegality, the timber was passed into Europe. These actions have brought some doubts over the seriousness of Member States to implement the new legislation. It is clear that procedures and standards for the determination of legality will have to be devised for EUTR implementing agencies. REM will contribute to the discussions around this process, bringing its field experience from producer countries to the table in dialogue with those responsible for this difficult task, and helping them develop appropriate tools to enforce EUTR.

To build on both of the above activities, REM will also explore the innovative use of technology to improve the quality and availability of data concerning forest logging operations. The objective here is to increase the transparency of forestry activities in remote areas to both the national law enforcement departments and to enable data sharing with EUTR CAs. This activity will build on previous feasibility studies carried through REM led Independent Monitoring projects.


Information about FLAG

Information about CAGDF

Information about OGF

Please click here to access FLAG's website and here for OGF's website.

Logging vehicle tracking 'Live Monitoring System' (LMS)

Development and field testing of real-time logging vehicle tracking technology producing powerful data sets in an effort to aid law enforcement and other monitoring bodies in their day-to-day activities

Logging vehicle tracking Live Monitoring System report, April 2015

Reports on forest infractions

Reports on forest illegalities produced by FLAG's partner CAGDF (Republic of Congo) and OGF (Democratic Republic of Congo)

Field mission report N°1, 6-23 April 2014, Sangha
Field mission report N°2, 1-2 and 13-16 June 2014, Plateaux

Field mission report N°3, 4-6 June 2014, Cuvette
Field mission report N°4, 2-3 and 6-13 June, Cuvette Ouest
Field mission report N°5, 20 July to 06 August 2014, Niari
Field mission report N°6, 09-25 November 2014, Cuvette Ouest
Field mission report N°7, 22 June to 4 July 2015, Cuvette-Ouest
Field mission report N°8, 30 June to 10 July 2015, Cuvette-Ouest
Field mission report N°9, 23 August to 9 September 2015, Niari
Field mission report N°10, 4-14 October and 17-24 November 2015, Lekoumou
Field mission report N°11, 5-22 December 2015, Likouala
Note of Analysis 9: concessions allocation, 8 January 2016

Reports on forest illegalities produced by FLAG's partner OGF (Democratic Republic of Congo)

Field mission report N°1, 13-27 Oct 2013, Oriental district, DRC
Field mission report N°2, 9-30 April 2014, Mongala district, DRC
Field mission report N°3, 29 July-17 August 2014, Bandundu, DRC

Field mission report N°5, 12-27 February 2015, Bandundu, DRC

Field mission report N°6, 13-25 March 2015, Tshopo, DRC

Briefing notes and annexes produced by FLAG (Cameroon and Democratic of Congo)

Briefing note 1 on legal forest documentation in Cameroon for EUTR, 2015
Annex 1 Approbation plan amenagement specimen
Annex 2 Attestation non redevance specimen
Annex 3 Attestion respect normes specimen
Annex 4 Autorisation d'enlevement de bois specimen
Annex 5 Concession provisoire specimen
Annex 6 Cahier charge convention provisoire specimen
Annex 7 Cahier charge convention provisoire specimen 2
Annex 8 Certificat d'enregistrement en qualite d'exportateur de bois transformes specimen
Annex 9 Certificat d'enregistrement en qualite d'exportateur de bois en grumes specimen
Annex 10 Certificat dautorisation d'enlevement specimen
Annex 11 Certificat d'empotage specimen
Annex 12 Convention definitive forets communautaires specimen
Annex 13 Convention provisoire d'exploitation specimen
Annex 14 Certificat de Vente de Coupe specimen
Annex 15 Decret concession specimen
Annex 16 Decret forets communautaires specimen
Annex 17 Approbation contrat d'approvisionnement specimen
Annex 18 Approbation Contrat de sous traitance specimen
Annex 19 Notification demarrage d'activites specimen
Annex 20 Permis annuel d'operation specimen
Annex 21 Proces verbal de vente aux encheres specimen
Annex 22 Quitus fiscal specimen
Annex 23 Respect normes environnementales specimen

Briefing note 2 FLAG on main forest infractions published by IMFLEG in DRC, 2015









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