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Logging Vehicle Live Tracking

Tools for Implementation of Forest Governance (TIFG)

Linking timber producing countries with European competent authorities to curb the import of illegal timber (2014 - 2015)

REM Vehicle trackingLogging vehicle tracking 'Live Monitoring System' (LMS)

REM explored the innovative use of technology to improve the quality and availability of data concerning forest logging operations. The objective was to increase the transparency of forestry activities in remote areas to both the national law enforcement departments and to enable data sharing with EUTR competent authorities. This activity built on previous feasibility studies carried through REM led Independent Monitoring projects.

Development and field testing of real-time logging vehicle tracking technology producing powerful data sets in an effort to aid law enforcement and other monitoring bodies in their day-to-day activities

Logging vehicle tracking Live Monitoring System report, April 2015 English flag


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