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Independent Forest Monitors training documents, Congo Bassin workshop

CIDT, WRI, REM and FLAG held a four-day regional workshop on the Open Timber portal (OTP) in Brazzaville, Republic of Congo in November 2017 for Congo Bassin Independent Forest Monitors.

Mandated Independent Forest Monitoring, Democratic Republic of Congo

2010-2013: 19 REM reports including 5 forest infractions investigation reports, 10 analysis reports, 4 training guides. Rapports d'analyse globale, gouvernance et légalité de l'exploitation forestière en RDC Un rapport sur la gouvernance et légalité de l'exploitation ...

Mandated Independent Forest Monitoring, Congo Brazzaville

2006-2013: 75 REM reports including 45 forest infractions investigation reports, 20 training guides, 10 analysis reports Tools, kits and training, IM-FLEG and participative forest management   CAGDF report: perception of local and indigenous communities on socio-economic ...

Independent Forest Monitoring, Liberia

Following discussions with the Liberian government, REM was invited to conduct a scoping mission in Liberia to assess the feasibility of Independent Forest Monitoring and provide technical training.

Independent Fisheries Monitoring, Sri Lanka

A collaboration between Rainforest Rescue International (RRI) and REM aimed to encourage good governance in the fisheries sector in Sri Lanka, with a special focus on tuna fisheries. This pilot project was designed to assess and ...

Mandated Independent Forest Monitoring, Cameroon

2005-2009: 101 REM reports including 91 forest infractions investigation reports, 20 analysis reports. Cameroon was REM's first Independent Forest Monitoring project in formal government with a timber-producing Government. Over a period of 4 years, we carried ...

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