Our focus

The bulk of REM reports concern our mandated forest monitoring work in the Congo Basin where our teams investigated regularly almost the totality of forest exploitation titles, including those used for industrial logging, artisanal logging or community forestry, but also large areas of forest unallocated for exploitation subject of illegal activities.

We currently expanding our work concerning other sectors  such as fisheries, wildlife and pollution.

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REM WRI OTP training

Independent Forest Monitors training documents, Congo Bassin workshop

CIDT, WRI, REM and FLAG held a four-day regional workshop on the Open Timber ...
REM mission Kisangani, DR Congo

Mandated Independent Forest Monitoring, Democratic Republic of Congo

2010-2013: 19 REM reports including 5 forest infractions investigation reports, 10 analysis reports, 4 ...
REM workshop Congo

Mandated Independent Forest Monitoring, Congo Brazzaville

2006-2013: 75 REM reports including 45 forest infractions investigation reports, 20 training guides, 10 ...

Independent Forest Monitoring, Liberia

Following discussions with the Liberian government, REM was invited to conduct a scoping mission ...

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